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EL (J.S.)
I am 23, a video gamer, Zelda fan, bird appreciator, and a self taught artist who likes to draw all sorts of things!
I am also the Art Director at Zelda Universe.

Current Residence: Uppsala, Sweden (originally from Darwin, Australia)

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5, Corel Painter 11
Hardware: Wacom Tablets

--- Other places where you can find me ---

:facebook: Facebook | :twitter: Twitter | :bulletblue: Tumblr

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Contact/Work Email: eternalegend[a]

Here wraps up my E3 journal spam! But as I've promised - new photos: 

The great hall of E3. The first thing you see when you enter the South hall (E3 is fricking huge).

Nintendo's area! I hung around this area for most of the 3 days since well... I love Nintendo! I played more games here such as Splatoon, Yoshi's new Yarn game and countless others.

A photo of me playing my 3DS while I wait in line to play Hyrule Warriors.

Me at a Monster Hunter photo shoot x)

The huuuuuge Super Smash Bros Wii U screen where players would battle it out to win a legit gold SSB medal. I kept winning the training part, but never the final battle T__T Still, my boyfriend won two medals and gave me one lol.

This isn't me, but I took this photo of my boyfriend and my friend photo-bombing him when we attended the Xbox One conference. It was really cool experiencing the conference live!

I also met people like the well-known Triforce guy and the creator of Tetris! *___* Plus, a developer of the DarkSider games. Both were super humble. Super humble :heart:
I also met famous youtubers as well such as EgoRaptor, Chuggaconry, and the people at Maker Studios (Polaris) afterwards at a pizza party and bowling game!

While writing this journal, I got a few emails, notes, messages etc of this same question, so I thought to answer it publicly.

:damphyr: "How does one get into E3?"
You can only be invited to it or if you actually work for a major video game series/company/press media. It's not open to the public since it's pretty much a VIP event. They're extremely strict about it as well.

So here's my conclusion of E3. If you have the permission to go, do it. Words cannot describe just how amazing it is. Being a huge video game fan, it's like walking into one of your greatest dreams. Video games everywhere and surrounded by people who love video games just as much as you do. I had so much fun and I definitely would love to attend again next year. If you do get to attend E3, a pro-tip would be to get fit beforehand. You have no idea how much walking you'll be doing per day at E3 xD I got really sore and exhausted after each day despite being fit, so I can understand why E3 only goes for just three days. Everyone just wants to go home afterwards.
I just left LA last night and I am now in Sweden where I'll be staying here for a whole year to start some video game, Zelda and original illustrations. I have big plans for what I will do with my art in the near future, so stay tuned! I will be attending Europe's equivalent of E3 at Germany soon, so I'll see you all there!
Thank you for reading guys!

Also, last but not least:

The story of how I met Eiji Aonuma linked here.-->…



#New photo uploads (sorry for the spam guys!).

E3 has been crazy for me! It's really exciting and tiring at the same time. So I apologise for the slow responses lately. But I got to play Hyrule Warriors (you get to play either as Link or Zelda for a good 10 minutes), the new Super Smash Bros on both the WiiU and 3DS, Titanfall (I'm not really a fan of 1st person shooters, but holy moly the game is so good, and Battlefield (which I was dragged to xD) and countless others.
Here are some pics that I took today.

All those little SSBWiiU figurines!

The Hyrule Warriors booth! 
There is a footage of me playing Hyrule Warriors that I will post here once it's been rendered. It'll probably be up sometime this weekend after E3 is all over. I played it terribly since I was under a lot of stress and the controls were a bit clunky. ^^' But I still had fun regardless!

Just a small pic of the behind the scenes of the Treehouse with Shigeru Miyamoto and other Nintendo reps. It was pretty cool to watch them play!

And I got to meet the one and only Aonuma *___*
I look god-awfully tired in this photo since I didn't drink for hours and have been walking around all day surrounded by press media and people and stuff I'm not used to x__x But he saw my art through Nintendo of America (which is quite an interesting story itself which I'll explain tomorrow) and I managed to score a personal photo with him! He didn't say much (poor guy was tired too xD), but it was an absolute honour to finally meet one of the guys behind the development of the Zelda games.

Tomorrow is the last day of E3 for 2014. I hope I don't drop before then. But my gosh it's been such an amazing life experience! And there will be much more for me to share when it's all over!


#New Zelda Wii U announcement aaaahhhhhh!

What do you guys think? *___*

Like I said, I will be at the LA's E3 convention centre if you guys want to say hello! I'll be wearing a business suit on top a black shirt with a Master Sword on it (and my hair is super long and black). I'll be walking around the Nintendo showroom floor mostly. Here's a small glimpse of me:


Just yesterday I was able to enter both Xbox's and Sony's E3 conference! AND IT WAS -AMAZING-

I was able to sit third row from the very front at Sony's E3 conference and words cannot describe just how incredible it was.

The internet here has been terrible because of the amount of livestreams and internet usage from everyone, but I'll be updating via my Twitter as much as I can!

Keep watching this dA journal as I will try to update it as much as I can! I want to share a tonne of pics with you guys!



Hey guys! For the first time ever, I've been given the special privilege and invitation to enter E3 this year! I will mostly be hanging around the Nintendo showcase area, but I will be wandering around the other showrooms too.

Regarding new Zelda info: Check out above! 

So going back - I will be in Los Angeles during E3 and I will be sticking around for a week until my flight to Sweden.
So things will be a bit busy for me over the next few weeks, but I will be submitting art again when everything settles down.



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XBunnybunz Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014
I just dropped by to say that you're amazing.
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Celestialien86 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Girl I'm jealous! I'm going to E3 next year !
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I love your arts!! Are some amazing!!
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(Sees your E3 journal) Luckiest girl ever. :D
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I really dig ur art I wonder if ur the one who beat me in the Miiverse Art Academy Sketchpad Super Mario 3DWorld contest. Cuz your work is just so good! I was hoping mine would win based on expressiveness I'm a penciler but on touch screens I use pastels. Its very difficult adapting to touch screens when the tools are not the same as ur used too. I watched all the E3 stuff I'm excited for Xenoblade Chronicles X, Zelda Wii U which likes like Darksiders crossed with Skyrim, Hyrule Warriors I hope Skullkid will be a playable character maybe with a termina field stage too! I think I'll get both Ruby and Saphire remakes this time because last time I only got Pokemon Y. I like the feeling of being able to say I'm with team Y how bout u? Team Y or Team X?
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Derpylink1 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Student General Artist
Love the art!!! I've seen it around ZU as well :3
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I've come across some of your work here before and really liked it, so I'm not sure why I wasn't watching. That is fixed now!
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My childhood has been returned to me.
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Really cute webcam ^^ I love your art it is amazing!! Keep it up! :D
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Could I use "Majora's mask: Clock Town" As  Back Ground?
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