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Commissions closed!

Sat Apr 19, 2014, 7:16 AM

Commissions are now closed! Please come back later! :)


I've decided to open my commissions again! Slots are limited (3).

Please check my official commission info journal for more information if you are interested!--> [link]



Correcting a name and identity

Sun Mar 9, 2014, 8:34 AM

It was a Winter's afternoon back in 2007 when I gazed at deviantArt for the very first time. I decided to create an account, because hey - why not? I enjoyed creating art, but never did I think it would take me this far. So at the spur of the moment without giving it too much thought, I named myself uniqueLegend.

…And a mistake that haunted me for years was made.

The name "unique" was something that made me slightly cringe whenever I looked at it. In some ways it made me feel like I was someone who enjoyed standing on a pedestal above everyone else. It does not represent me. Just after I created my deviantArt account, I abandoned it for almost two years.
For years on end I had problems accepting the name. And for years on end I had constant thoughts of deleting my account and starting anew. But I was given several Daily Deviations and it felt like it was too late to start again. My artworks were starting to spread on other sites, and my name was being indented. I wanted to accept it, but I just couldn't. Thoughts of changing it kept plaguing me whenever I visited deviantArt.

In all honesty, I am not "uniqueLegend". The birth of my real internet name started on the very first social media forum that I joined a year after I visited dA - Zelda Universe. On Zelda Universe, I am known as "Eternal Legend." And the name "Eternal Legend" gave birth to an accidental nickname that people - even those in real life would use to call me: EL. In some ways, I accept EL as much as my real name imprinted on my birth certificate. I am comfortable with the name EL and Eternal Legend as much as breathing air.
My name of EL and Eternal Legend has spread from ZeldaUniverse to a lot of things that impact my daily life and relationships with work colleagues, friends and even family. And to those who are not aware of uniqueLegend, they get confused when they hear it. And it makes me feel confused. Why the two names?

So it's time for a change on deviantArt to keep everything the same on all the sites that I use, including my FaceBook art page, Tumblr and Twitter.

The only problem is that "Eternal Legend" has already been taken by an inactive and decade old account on dA. And another problem is that I had no idea that it is the title of a 1991 video game.

Trying to keep everything somewhat "original" and true to my online identity from here on out, I have decided to change my deviantArt name to EternaLegend.

For all the artworks that have "uniqueLegend" watermarked on them, they will remain there. I have no intentions of changing all of my watermarks. My old mistaken name of "uniqueLegend" will redirect to my newly-named deviantArt account anyway.

So this isn't a spur of the moment thought. I have thought about it for years and this is perhaps the best thing that I've done to my account in ages. I'll still keep my current avatar to avoid too much confusion (but it might change in the next few months - we'll see!) I hope you can all get used to it, and thank you for all the support through the years!  

EL :heart:

Edit: By a response I made in here on the word "unique" in general. By all means, everyone's artwork on deviantArt and every other social media site is "unique" in their own styles. It never felt like the name itself belonged to or represented "me".

Bugs bugs stupid bugs

Thu Feb 20, 2014, 5:08 AM

Do you have bugs in your dA account?

This is really starting to stump me. :confused: Are people receiving my deviations? Because I'm not really getting deviations popping up in my inbox from the artists that I follow.

After notifying the admins about this problem, I keep getting ignored, so… I'm not sure what I'm going to do. This is the third time that I've noticed a huge drop in activity in my inbox for weeks on end.

It's just kind of irritating when you work on something, share it to your followers and many of them don't receive it. :shrug: Less views than average blah blah (or are my works getting boring?). It really is off-putting. And vice versa when you follow someone and you just don't receive anything from them, no matter how many times you try and fix your watchlist. :/


Frequently Asked Questions

Wed Feb 5, 2014, 10:10 AM

I figured I'd create a F.A.Q. page since I've been getting the same questions asked now and then. 
If there is anything that you'd like to ask relating to art that I think deserves to be on the list, feel free to comment below :)

--- Frequently Asked Questions ---

Q: Do you take commissions?

A: When they're open - yes. Please check my commission journal for more information which can be found here.--> [link]

Q: Do you work for free?

A: I refuse to do any work for "free". If you contact me about requests, commission without payment etc I will not answer. This is a job and it pays for my bills. I will only work for employers that offer an industry standard salary.

Q: Can I use your personal works as a book cover, music album, poster etc…?

A: For anything commercial you will need to pay usage rights. So yes. Please note me or send me an email for the usage type. I will not hesitate to take legal action on those who do not follow my art usage when it comes to commercial rights.

Q: Can I use your personal works on my blogs/youtube videos/as a desktop wallpaper/avatar usage on forums?

A: Yes - as long as it's not for commercial use, you can use my artwork anywhere. However if it's on websites such as facebook, youtube or tumblr, credit is appreciated. I own the rights to my artworks, and any alterations or unauthorised commercial usage is not allowed.

Q: What brushes do you use?

A: It depends on what software I use (Photoshop or Painter). With Photoshop I use a blend of default brushes that I sometimes customise, or downloaded brushes. With Painter it's always the default brushes.

Q: Why does your style change so much?

A: I find that I am someone who can get bored of repetition very easily, so in order to freshen things up, I explore other means of different styles and different approaches to my art.

Life is about exploring and trying new things, and I show this in my artworks from time to time. 

Q: Where did you study?

A: I have studied Bachelor of Creative Arts and Industries: New Media Design at Charles Darwin University. It was moreso for digital media work (animation, video/sound production, webpage design etc).

Q: What is your nationality?

A: I am half Filipino, half British (I can only speak English, sorry).

Q: What are you main sources of inspiration?

A: Video games are usually my main sources of inspiration. However, films and movies also play a large role too. If not that, then sometimes a trip or a walk outdoors can help to inspire great ideas. Whatever gets your mind "moving".

Q: How long have you been drawing for?

A: For as long as I can remember. There was a period in my life where I didn't draw for years (mostly during my high school years), but I begun to pick it up again and haven't really stopped since.

Q: How long have you been a Zelda fan for?

A: I was hooked when Ocarina of Time was released on the N64. My older brother brought home a copy one day and I watched him play it from beginning to end when I was in year 3. It all started there, and I don't think my love for the series will ever end.

Q: You draw Link a lot... Explain?

A: Surprisingly I get asked this question a lot [laughs]. As a female, I have never seen Link in some hopeless romantic way. He's an avatar of the player, so it feels like I explore my life drawing him as well as exploring Hyrule since I grew up with the games from my early childhood years.

The Forgotten Pixels kickstarter

Thu Nov 14, 2013, 10:59 AM

Hey everyone!

For the past ten months I have been working alongside many other talented individuals on an animated series called The Forgotten Pixels! This is the story about an 8-bit game cartridge that was never played and what happens to the world inside of it when the hero never left his home village and the kingdom was never saved. 

The Forgotten Pixels by EternaLegend

My involvement in this project has ranged from concept art and character design to the backgrounds you can see in the sample (not final) animation. I have just uploaded the poster I made for the series and I will upload more artwork in the weeks to come while we're raising money for this project on Kickstarter. It would be an absolute dream to see this project funded and for our series to become reality.

Please check out the link below if you're interested or would like to help fund our project! I would love to see this project become a reality to me. No donation is too small and no amount of shares or reblogs is too little. I want to thank everyone who supports us and this kickstarter in advance! 

Thank you! :la:!

Click here to check out the kickstarter:…


Flying back home + other matters

Mon Sep 9, 2013, 6:15 PM


As of tomorrow I will not be checking my messages/notes or emails for two/three days since I'll be on the long journey back to Australia (not a fan of long international flights ugh).
I had the time of my life in Sweden, and I'll definitely be back at some point - maybe this coming Christmas if everything goes to plan. 

Quite a number of people has been asking me when and if I'll be continuing with that Zelda Theophany project that I started earlier this year. All I can say is that I'm not entirely sure. Clocktown is still currently under-development as I'm putting my all into that particular artwork to represent one of my favourite tracks from the MM Theophany album. But with upcoming work and with me entering a life stage where I'm starting to juggle that point in life to live independently, well... it's chaos.
I don't think I will have the time to finish an artwork for each track before the end of the year approaches, but I can definitely say now that Clocktown will be done, and Time's End is also another one that I *really* want to do.

Thank you for your ongoing support guys! <3


In Sweden and Zelda CGI concept film?

Fri Aug 2, 2013, 11:47 AM

Hello guys! ^__^ 

I've been a little inactive with art, but I have been drawing now and then. It's just that every time I start a new artwork, I start another one, so I have many wips clogging up my comp @__@ Now I need the motivation to finish them all.

So I'm currently in Sweden and ahhhh... IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL HERE. I honestly want to move here one day. The flight to come here was hell (46 hours air-time travel and transit time). But it's SO WORTH IT. :heart: If you live in Sweden right now, I am so envious of you xD
I like going outdoors here so much which means that I don't really have the time to sit down for hours and draw. I'm sorry to say that the outdoors here has really stolen my heart. xD


All you Zelda fans should check this out! It's a Zelda CGI film concept trailer made by the same producers of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Astro Boy feature films and it's really damn cool imo!

Check out the film here.-->

Off to Sweden

Sun Jul 7, 2013, 10:30 PM


In a few days from now I will be leaving to Sweden for two months. My art activity shouldn't diminish too much while I'm there since I'll be bringing my good ol' laptop with me on the trip.

I'm pretty damn excited since I've never been to any part of Europe before, let alone the whole continent. But I've always been a fan of very old architecture and castles, so hopefully the area will give me a lot of inspiration for my future art pieces since I've been in some sort of art slump lately.

Please note: I will not be answering any notes or emails about any commissioned work or art specific questions until the 17th of July.

I hope everyone is well!

E3 2013

So what did you guys think of E3 this year? I was watching all three of the major gaming companies (except for EA and Ubisoft due to my timezone), but wow… what a year! I have to admit that Sony has definitely won this year's E3 (they were absolutely brilliant with their sharing games tutorial xD), with Nintendo coming second imo. Microsoft however… pah.

I lost it when I saw the Super Smash Bros trailer for the Wii U and 3DS. Just… wow. Looks like someone is buying themselves a Wii U in the near future! It kinda makes me want to draw some SSB fan-art, but we'll see! : )

I want to draw all kinds of fan art from E3. xD Video games are so awesome <3

Interview with Eiji Aunoma

My boyfriend was in LA for E3 and he got to meet up and interview the one and only Eiji Aonuma - one of the directors behind the The Legend of Zelda series! I am so damn jealous of him xD You can read and check out the whole interview here!--> [link]


Now on Society 6!

Wed Mar 27, 2013, 9:43 AM

Hey guys!

If you've ever wanted to purchase a print of some of my artworks, you can now do so via my shop! More will be added as time goes by and when I complete new pieces.

Plus, there is currently free international shipping happening right now until this Sunday, so now is your chance to buy!


Semi hiatus

Sun Mar 10, 2013, 10:22 PM

My activity has been somewhat insignificant over the past few weeks and I don't think it is about to change anytime soon with upcoming work and projects that I have been assigned with.

I will only get to draw during my spare time, which will not be a lot by the looks of it. But I do aim to keep my dA account active as much as possible.

Thanks for the understanding guys.


Zelda Symphony in Sydney!

Mon Feb 4, 2013, 2:45 AM

As promised, I have made my own journal about the event that I attended. xD Let me just say that if you are a Zelda fan with money to spend, please please PLEASE attend the Zelda Symphony. It is absolutely amazing and an awesome place to meet up with hundreds of other Zelda fans. You really do get a sense of belonging!

I actually had the very very rare privilege of seeing the symphony during their rehearsal with some of the webmasters. So we got to have the entire Sydney Opera House stage with just us 5 and a few backstage others all to ourselves for hours (like a VIP access thingy) (Pic here.--> We experienced some of their songs twice (as it was their practice routine) and we managed to meet the producer and the conductor of the Symphony backstage and it was just the greatest day ever!

Then the next day (I had a bit of a transportation drama and missed the first half of the actual symphony >_>), I saw the Symphony again. But seeing as I saw the first half already the other day, it wasn't too much of a big deal. But seeing all these Zelda fans was just… wow. (Pic here.-->

And to those who noticed me wearing this around my neck, you should have said hi! I think only one person actually said hello to me, but I got quite a few stares. I don't bite. (:

That was pretty much it. Expect to see more Zelda artworks from me soon, including finishing off Theophany's pieces. My holiday is still ongoing until tomorrow when my flight is due back home.

So I shall be back on schedule with my art/commissions and projects.

Thanks for reading guys!


Off to Sydney's Zelda Symphony

Sat Jan 26, 2013, 11:05 PM

Hey guys!

Despite going through a rough time with my health, I will be on the plane to Sydney on the 29th to watch the Sydney Zelda Symphony on the 2nd of Feb at the Sydney Opera House. It is something that I cannot miss.

I will be around the crowd, and I will have this artwork… attached to me so that you know who I am (there is a high chance that I'll be wearing my black and gold Zelda hoodie.) I'll also be hanging around the ZeldaUniverse webmasters for quite some time with a staff tag around my neck.

So if you want to say hi, feel free to do so! :)


Slight inactivity explained

Mon Jan 21, 2013, 10:36 PM

I'm usually on a roll with my artworks, but it seems like 2013 has given me a year of bad health for starters.

I have been going in and out of hospital due to a head/brain problem, such as getting seizure-like symptoms every few minutes or so. It's disabling my life - in a way. My doctors are not sure what is causing it and it may take them a while to get a proper diagnosis after many tests and MRI scans.

That being said, I can still draw. But I just can't seem to do a lot of it lately. It is a pain since I was on a good track with my Zelda Theophany artworks and other projects.

I also apologise to my commissioners at the meantime as well. ):

Thanks for the understanding guys.


Thank you for the Birthday wishes!

Thu Jan 10, 2013, 5:47 AM

Hey guys!

I just want to thank each and every one of your for sending me all of the lovely birthday wishes on my wall for this year! :heart: I had a good day. (:

I do apologise for my little knack of art inactivity lately due to New Year, family, birthday etc. But it will start to pick up again soon.


[edit]: The website was a countdown to an album, released by the legendary game music remix master Theophany as a tribute to Majora's Mask on the "end of the world" day - December 21, 2012. The initial release will only be one disc, but eventually the album will cover the entire soundtrack.

You can find it here.-->

I must say... the MM remakes are just gorgeous. Be sure to provide donations for their incredible work!


For all you Zelda fans...

You might wanna check this out:

What's going to happen? :noes:! Gotta find out soon!


Hi all,

I do apologise about this annoying problem, but I just want to ask if these two artworks appeared in your inbox this time:

Lord N by EternaLegend Julian Assange by EternaLegend

I'm trying to help solve a dA ticket about this inbox bug that is affecting a lot of artists on dA lately. So I just need a show of hands if you got them or not.
I'll try to cut out the number of these "did you get it?" updates now and then, but it's just incredibly frustrating. :(

Thank you so much for the cooperation and understanding guys. <3


Got the dA inbox bug curse

Tue Nov 6, 2012, 4:28 AM

Well it looks like I'm also part of the long list of deviants who seem to have some sort of "inbox bug" that does not give our watchers an update of new artworks posted.

I had to delete two of my artworks posted recently because they were not appearing in many of my watchers inbox. I even went on both of my sister's accounts who watch me, and both of my new artworks did not appear in either of them - even after I updated them twice.

I'm not getting a lot - or if any of the other artists that I watch who upload a new artwork in my inbox as well, so something is up.

As of now I won't be posting new art here until the problem is fixed or after I wait a while (maybe a few days). If you would like to see new artworks from me instantly, you will find them via my Tumblr account.

Sorry for the inconvenience guys, but it is annoying me to a certain degree.

...And I wonder if this journal entry will also appear in your inbox. :hmm:


R.I.P. Tablet

Wed Oct 31, 2012, 10:06 AM

It looks like my tablet hasn't completely died yet! I managed to fix it and disabled some features and it's working well again, even though it refuses to sleep when it's on standby mode. So I think there's something stuck in the hardware itself that's causing all the issue, or perhaps a loose wire that was making it all buggy. So it's kinda semi-broken, but at least I can draw with it again! It's been working well for the whole day after I fixed it, so I have faith that it will last a bit longer. :)

Well it looks like I won't be drawing anything for a while since my Wacom tablet has officially died. :(

For no reason it just started to scroll down every page/window/zooming out on PS/Painter on it's own and the mouse + pen started to act all erratic on the screen. And it's quite annoying since I was doing the final touches on a few artworks today before I was about to submit them, then this happened. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it twice - didn't work. Removed and reset the tablet files in the program area of my computer - didn't work. Moved my laptop to different areas in my house just in case some radio transmission was confusing it - didn't work. And it refuses to sleep when my mouse or pen isn't on it, so I don't think it has anything to do with a software being corrupted, but more of the touchpad itself being dead and faulty now.

It's quite old... and I've been using it since 2008/2009, so I think it has served it's purpose.

We've been through a lot together. :[ *hugs dead tablet*

I will buy a new tablet possibly tomorrow. But I sure hope that it will work and it has nothing to do with maybe a fault in my computer. ><


Chat with me now!

Sun Oct 21, 2012, 7:26 AM

The chat has now ended. Thank you to those who came along and joined in. It was fun! :D